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Inspired by personal experience, Bobbi’s Baked was created as a way to share the sacred gifts of cannabis with the world. 


Bobbi-Lee Williams was born in Loveland, Colorado. At 12, she moved with her family to Tennessee. Her initial optimism for this new life was quickly tempered by the bullying she experienced at school. She soon became depressed and felt a deep sadness and sense of insecurity that would remain with her for many years. As she tried to navigate the hyper-religious environment, she began to lose touch with the joy and creative freedom she had known in Colorado. Over the years she learned to turn pieces of herself off in order to fit in with an anti-secular community.


By high school, her stress and anxiety had begun to manifest physically as chronic gut-pain and severe migraines. Western medicine’s response involved several pharmaceutical drugs and the exact opposite of authentic healing. While her emotional barometer was being dulled by anti-depressants, neurological drugs weakened her mental capacity, and her gut was destroyed by prescription opioids.  These major side effects created a host of additional problems that were left to fester as she fell deeper into despair and addiction.


Bobbi’s journey with cannabis began as a Western Kentucky University freshman where she discovered her love for the elevated feeling and social nature of sharing the plant with friends. At the same time, her struggle with chronic pain was becoming harder to ignore. She made it through her junior year before buckling under the weight of a growing health crisis. 


By the age of 22 she was on 9 different pharmaceuticals and had been to rehab twice. She felt lost, without purpose, and was spiritually desolate. College was put on hold as she numbly experienced the effects of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual toxicity. At that point cannabis was just another way to stifle the pain and depression. A full-blown mental breakdown and three weeks in a locked psych ward marked her true bottom. It also created space for the birth of something new.


By what she considers a divine miracle, Bobbi conquered opioid addiction and was eventually able to finish her undergraduate degree in chemistry. As she began the long road of pharmaceutical detox, she started to have panic attacks when consuming cannabis. Stubborn refusal to let go of yet another familiar substance led to a breakthrough wherein she discovered the powerful healing properties of this sacred plant medicine.


Bobbi combined cannabis with hot yoga and experienced a deep re-connection to her higher self. Through this practice she started to heal her body, mind, and soul. It also helped awaken her to her higher purpose. This was when she began to experiment with infusing cannabis into food and discovered the great joy of the edibles experience.


During the darkest times, baking was a solace for Bobbi that also brought joy to others. As she began to recover she started to consider what her professional career would look like. Bobbi decided that she would use her chemistry degree and love for baking to share cannabis medicine with as many people as she could. She attended the French Pastry School in Chicago to further prepare her for this endeavor. 


Bobbi’s commitment to cannabis brings her great happiness and the sense of purpose that she missed for so long. She has transformed her life by going on a quest for the beautiful and for that which feeds the human spirit. During this journey cannabis became her ally instead of another numbing agent.


While she was suffering from the side effects of a Big Pharma diet, the medical cannabis movement in her home state gave her hope that there was real relief being offered by this plant medicine. She witnessed the transformation of the state’s patients and its economy and became convinced that embracing this plant is the way forward for safe, effective, and revolutionary change in modern healthcare. She feels that legal, non-stigmatized access to this medicine will help to reduce the number of opioid overdoses in America. We live in a society where the death toll of a legal drug has reached epidemic proportions. The time for change has never been more urgent if we are to continue to evolve as a species.  


Bobbi’s intention is to help relieve your physical pain while soothing the entire being in a safe and nutritious way. She has found the cannabis plant to be a gift from Mother Nature and hopes that you will find comfort and strength from it as well.

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